At Being One Forum even the the small ones are part of this great experience, that is why we have created the Being One Forum Junior, a daycare service where your children will be taken care of during the whole event by highly qualified professionals.

Ages: 3+

For more information about the daycare activities and pricing please contact us at 910 560 467 or click here


Being One Forum will provide resting stations located in many different areas of the event so that the attendees to the event may enjoy of a calm environment.


Attendees will have acces to our wardrobe service for both garments and suitcases.


In order to adapt to all of our assistants, Being One Forum will provide with different types of food, from traditional to vegetarian, vegan and food trucks in the outer areas.


At the vent we will have an exposition area where different companies of the ecologic, eduction and wellness area will present their latets products and services for your enjoyment.


Bring One Forum will feature a large selection of book editorials with many different titles available for purchase.


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